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  • Your voice will be added to a growing movement to push for equitable collaboration within our schools

  • You will be invited to join us as a contributor, co-author, or reviewer of the publication of the Final Report and future publishing opportunities

  • You will be invited to participate in the 2020 Summit on Equitable Collaboration at a discounted rate

  • You will have the opportunity to share your perspective and highlight your work


Transparent Public Review Process


You are invited to be a Reviewer or Advisor of the Collaboration Nation Recommendations Report.


We are now conducting a Transparent Public Review of the validity and relevance of the findings and recommendations. We are calling this a Transparent Public Review because we intend to publish the names, titles, and public comments of reviewers that reviewers or advisors allow us to.  But, we will, for example, be able to provide summary data about the expertise, credentials/micro-credentials, and publically available published works of our Final Study Team in the Final Published Report. 

The Recommendations Report


Dr. Jordan Lippman and Dr. Trina Kershaw have completed a Recommendations Report that has been reviewed by some of the study advisors and partners. This is the first report from the Collaboration Nation Study that was conducted in 2016-2017 by mission-driven organizations and individuals to better understand how educators and schools think about, practice, teach, and assess collaboration.  


Audience: This report is being written for educators, educational leaders, and influencers or thought leaders to help them understand the status of collaboration within American schools from the perspective of educators.  With this window into how educators think about collaboration, we can begin to see what's possible.


Share your perspective: We hope this Report starts a dialogue and leads readers to share their perspectives and interpretations with us so we can add them to the Report.  This only works as a collaborative effort and most critically, with your support.

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