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Study Director: Jordan Lippman, PhD, Founder The TeamBuilders Group™

Project Manager: Wesley Waldrup, LPC, CEO at Project Playground™ ​



Independent Data Analyst: Annie McNamara, MA,
Graduate Student at the University of Pittsburgh

Blog Writer: Janine Perri,
Higher Education Professional, Freelance Writer




Mr. Fred W. Brown, Jr., MSW,

President and CEO, The Forbes Funds

Patrick E. Crawford, EdD, Executive Director, PLDC


Trina Kershaw, Assistant Professor of Psychology,

University of Massachusetts 


James W. Pellegrino, PhD, Co-director of

Learning Sciences Research Institute,

Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor,

and Distinguished Professor of Education,

the University of Illinois at Chicago


Mr. David Ross, Chief Executive Officer

Partnership for 21st Century Learning


John K. Price,PhD , Education Specialist

Research at Intel Corporation




Collaboration is a skill that most educators consider vital, but the strategies for building this skill are still unclear. There is currently very little scientific research on how to measure and improve collaboration skills (c.f., Pellegrino and Hilton, 2012; Plucker, Kennedy, & Dilley, 2015). The lack of a substantial body of scientific research and interventions that promote collaboration is surprising, given the increased emphasis on 21st Century Skills and Project Based Learning.


To advance our understanding of current practices, a group of concerned, mission-driven organizations and researchers have committed to conduct the first systematic national study of collaboration instruction and assessment in schools. The final report will be posted on the P21 website and the data will be shared with all Partners.  




The goal of this research project is to understand how schools approach the instruction and assessment of collaboration skills. More specifically, the goals are:


  • To assess district and teacher priorities for teaching collaboration

  • To understand how student collaboration is encouraged, taught, and assessed in schools

  • To understand how prepared educators are to teach and assess collaboration skills

  • To investigate the supports and tools that teachers need




Your organization, network, or district is invited to become a partner in this research study.  Your efforts to advance this research will impress on others the important role that collaboration skills have on education.


Partners agree to allow  to include their logo on the study website and marketing materials, invite the members of their network to participate, and actively spread the word about the survey to colleagues and educators.


The expectation is that partners will encourage high participation rates:  

  • School systems and organizations will encourage participation by teachers and curriculum directors from at least 33% of their schools.

  • Networks and for-profit or not-for-profit organizations will encourage participation from educators via their email, newsletter, social media or other means.


The survey ran from November 15, 2016, to May 15, 2017.


Partner registration closed on November 7, 2016


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